ROCK SPRINGS – Meet your neighbor Alainie Crawford, assistant manager at the Star Stadium Movie Theater. She helps the employees and customers and makes sure the movies get in on time. She also builds the movies, which means attaching the right trailers to them, and she previews the film to make sure they play correctly.

Alainie started working at Star Stadium 13 years ago as her first high school job. She’s worked there on and off since then. “I love being able to provide fun and entertainment and something to do here, whether it’s on the weekends, on dates, or groups of friends,” she said.

Her favorite movie is “August Rush” and she loves dancing movies. Her favorite part of the movie experience is “seeing what movies are coming out soon. Right now, everyone is excited about ‘Mortal Combat.’ The sneak peek beforehand is also pretty neat.”

Aside from work, “I love to dance and I’ve been passionate about that my whole life. Right now, I’m passionate about social work. I want to work as a recovery counselor and help people overcome addiction.”

If you see your neighbor Alainie Crawford, be sure to say, “Hi!”

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