Travel and Tourism awards

Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism board members include, front from left, Vice Chairman Mark Lyon, Chairwoman Bridget Renteria, Executive Director Jenissa Meredith and 2020 Treasurer Janet Hartford; and back, board members Jelly Wood, Kim Strid, Dominic Wolf, and Greg Bailey. Other board members include Devon Brubaker, 2021 treasurer; Erika Lee-Koshar; Stacy Colvin, secretary; and Linda McGovern.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board received two awards for Travel Weekly and the Web Marketing Association both recognized the new site for outstanding quality.

The website that was revised and relaunched in March 2020 is designed to inspire potential visitors and help them plan trips. It features sample itineraries, a local event calendar, a photo and video gallery, a restaurant and lodging listing, and detailed descriptions of area attractions. The website is also a resource for residents to stay up to date on local events and to find new places to explore nearby.

“All of our marketing efforts direct potential visitors to our website, so it is critically important that the site be up to date, responsive, visually engaging and user friendly,” Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Executive director Jenissa Meredith said. “We are truly honored to be considered, alongside destination web sites around the world, and to receive this recognition from both organizations. We are proud to represent all that is great about Sweetwater County through our website.”

Travel Weekly recognized the Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Board as a 2020 Magellan Awards Gold Winner for the website in the Destination Marketing Website category. The 2020 Magellan Awards received entries from top travel organizations and professionals worldwide and the quality of the work was outstanding. Being selected a Magellan Award Winner is a tremendous achievement and proves representation of a high standard of excellence within the travel industry, according to a press release.

The Web Marketing Association also awarded the board with a Travel Standard of Excellence award for the website. Entries that scored above average for their industry received the Standard of Excellence award. Since 1997, the annual WebAward Competition has allowed thousands of participants to receive independent evaluation of their web development efforts in a forum that has become the internet’s premier online awards event, according to Web Marketing Association.

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