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"What did it all mean?" Youth art exhibit leaves the answer to the viewers

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ROCK SPRINGS — Colorful scenes created by high school students captured the attention and sparked the creativity of visitors to the Community Fine Arts Center. Seventy-one students from Rock Springs High School and Black Butte High School are displaying their best work at the Community Fine Arts Center from through May 15.


A wendigo created by Laci Vasquez of Rock Springs High School keeps an eye on the exhibit hosted in celebration of youth arts.

Ceramic silhouettes

Ceramic works of all shapes and sizes jut out among the art displays.

Early viewers

Students from Rock Springs High School and Black Butte High School got to see their artwork displayed and appreciated by the public in an exhibit that continues at the Community Fine Arts Center until May 12. See more photos and a virtual tour video at

Something's behind you

A ceramic piece by Laci Vasquez appears to be observing the gallery spectators.

Wendigo cover

Laci Vasquez created a wendigo, which greets visitors to the youth art exhibit at the Community Fine Arts Center.

I made this

Many talented artists got the chance to show off their creations at the Community Fine Arts Center at a special reception on Wednesday, April 28.

Close encounter

The cryptozoological wendigo demanded attention from old and young visitors to the Community Fine Arts Center’s exhibition of high school artists.

What did it all mean?

A collection of drawings by Lucus Johnson, who brands his art under the name Oddity, poses a question with an open-ended solution: “But what did it all mean? I leave the answer in your hands.” Stickers featuring his businessman and punk designs sold out during Thursday’s reception.


A combination of artists, instructors, family, friends and art lovers mixed at the reception hosted in honor of art students from Black Butte High School and Rock Springs High School. Many works that earned ribbons at state were featured.

Can I give you a hand

A hand created by Rock Springs High School Tae Rall seems to be reaching out before the portrait drawn by Black Butte High School junior Connor Howe.


Crowds packed the Community Fine Arts Center on April 28 to get a look at the paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works created by students in Sweetwater County School District No 1, along with the collection started by local students and staff.

Flipping through the book

The artistic visions of up-and-coming creators were captured on the walls of the Community Fine Arts Center.

Wendigo closeup

Beware if Laci Vasquez’s mixed-media wendigo seems to be watching you.

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