Stephanie Lynn Nomis

Stephanie Lynn Nomis

GREEN RIVER — The wife of Green River’s former fire chief has changed her plea to guilty of felony theft from the Green River Fire Department Foundation.

Stephanie Nomis originally pleaded not guilty at her arraignment in June in Sweetwater County District Court. She changed her plea to guilty before Judge Suzannah G. Robinson via video hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 21, as part of a plea agreement. Sentencing will be at a later date.

Sweetwater County sheriff’s deputies, assisted by special agents from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation’s Southwest Enforcement Team, arrested Stephanie Nomis and her husband Michael Nomis on March 2, 2020. Michael Nomis was chief of the Green River Fire Department at the time.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Stephanie Nomis said that between Jan. 14, 2019, and Jan. 21, 2020, she used the GRFD Foundation’s credit card without permission for personal items. She said that although she paid some of that money back, there was more than $1,000 that had not been paid back.

The actual plea agreement terms will be decided on later and will depend in part on what happens at her husband Michael Nomis’ sentencing hearing.

In September, Michael Nomis pleaded guilty to felony theft and wrongful appropriation of public property. During his change of plea hearing, Nomis told Judge Robinson that between Feb. 4 and Dec. 23, 2019, he used money that belonged to the Green River Fire Department for personal use in an amount more than $1,000. Some of the items he mentioned buying included fuel, lunches and tools.

Both Stephanie Nomis and Michael Nomis are out on bond as they await sentencing.

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