Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson

Today, America is playing on the edge of a cliff, and we could call the cliff False Hope. There is a beautiful Bavarian town in Germany today that also is home to a museum which was once a place of horror — Dachau.

This museum in Dachau has the infamous Nazi concentration camp. The museum attracts many World War II history buffs. These informed enthusiasts can hardly miss the misleading words welded to an iron gate opening to the concentration camp: Arbeit Mach Frei. This phrase was a cruel lie to give to many of the 6 million Jews who died in these camps as they entered their place of death — the gas chambers and ovens. This phrase means, WORK MAKES YOU FREE.

Today, I was reading the true account written by Tim Gustafson about him and his brother when they were living in Ghana, when they were toddlers. These toddlers were riding on their tricycles. Unknowing, they both stopped their trikes. Tim jumped off, having parked his tricycle on top of a small cobra.

That’s where we are as a nation, as a democracy as we inch closer and closer to embracing socialism and communism. We seem to be blinded by a little extra stimulus money, when in one hour, our riches could easily be gone.

Someone once said, “The trouble is that too many people are spending money they don’t have for things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like.” Money may be what is blinding us.

Excavators in ancient Pompeii found a body that was suddenly entombed when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The lady’s feet were turned toward the city gate, but her face was turned backward. Her hand was stretched out, as if she were reaching for something. Next to her hand was a bag of pearls. Archaeologists and researchers believe this woman dropped her bag in haste, and she was turning back to pick the bag up, when she met her instant entombment.

Billy Sunday once said, “The fellow who has no money is poor. The fellow who has nothing, but money, is poorer still.”

Today, on the news, I read, Franklin Graham, ministry chief for Samaritan’s Purse, issued a warning to America. He warned us all, saying, “America is under attack from within. Godless socialism and communism are threatening our very way of life in this country, and the inroads already made are shocking. Even though no one has fired a shot, the battle is raging, and we’d better wake up, before it’s too late. It’s like some people have blinders on, and don’t see the dangers of what is coming down the road.”

Franklin cited a defector from North Korea, Yeonmi Park, who escaped to America to attend one of our expensive Ivy League universities. Yeonmi has come to the conclusion that her own repressive home dictatorship isn’t as bad as our home country. Yeonmi was born in North Korea, and she fled the oppression, risking her life to find freedom. Yeonmi, in an interview with Fox News, said, “Even North Korea is not this nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy. I thought America was different, but I saw so many similarities here to what I saw in North Korea. I started worrying.”

A staff member at her university scolded her during orientation for admitting she enjoyed classic Western literature and authors such as Jane Austen. Yeonmi gained her freedom after walking across the Gobi Desert to South Korea. That was after she and her mother fled to China, where they were sold by human traffickers before Christian missionaries helped them flee to Mongolia.

Yeonmi said, “North Korean people are deceived by propaganda because they aren’t taught to think critically. That is what is happening in America. People see things, but they have just completely lost the ability to think critically.”

Franklin Graham said, “The goal of socialism is communism. Communism has always been the enemy of the church. They executed thousands upon thousands of pastors, priests, and other church affiliated people throughout Russia, Eastern Europe, and China. Pray with me that God will spare us and that our political leaders will wake up to the enemy that is at the gate.”

Richard Carlson is the pastor of the Rock Springs Evangelical Free Church. Of his 53-plus years in ministry, he has pastored locally for the last 45 years.

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