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Worms make great fishing bait. The key is to make sure the worms stay on your hook. Start with choosing the best bait. Worms with thick bodies that are about 4 inches to 8 inches long work great. Bait shops usually carry red worms, earthworms or nightcrawlers and any of these will do the trick.

Next, find the right hook. Fishing hooks with long shanks work great for fishing with real worms. Consider using a live bait hook, aberdeen hook or octopus hook and match the size of the hook to the size of the worm. A size 3/0 to 5/0 should do the trick.

To bait the hook, there are two techniques you can try:

For the first technique slide the worm up the shank of the hook, wrap the worm around the hook piercing through the worm two to three more times. Leave a portion of the worm dangling off the end to entice the fish with its wiggling action.

The second technique involves sliding the hook through the length of the worm. It’s a good idea to wrap the worm around the hook at least once, otherwise you may risk having a fish slide the worm off the hook, able to sneak away without getting caught.

Fishing with bait is prohibited on some waters, so take a look at the fishing regulations to make sure it’s okay to use bait at the water you plan to fish before selecting bait and heading out.

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Chris Martin,

Digital content creator

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