FEB. 1

Gordon L Ball to Kristopher C. White, Lot 10, Block 4, Colony Coal Co Addition.

Smart Dwellings LLC to Justin C. Lemon, Lot 1, Garnet Addition.

Cody D. Gray, Etux to Arthur C. Erickson, Etux, Lot 1, Block 1, Thomson Addition.

Andrea M. Soule, Etal to Joshua Tolar, Etal, Lot 9, Belmont Park Subdivision phase two.

Craig Frazier, Etal to Harold Lee Myers, Lot 6, Block 1, Brooks Addition.

Julianne C. Wilder, Trustee to Landtastic Properties LLC, SE4NE4 Sec. 27, T-24-N, R-90-W.

Marcelle L. Sweets to Caroline J. Deetjen, Etvir, Lot 7, Pronghorn Estates Subdivision.

Randy R. Mannikko to Randy R. Mannikko, A Tract SE4 Sec. 5, T-19-N, R-105 with easement.

Randy R. Mannikko to Jake Ray Mannikko, Etal, A Tract SE4 Sec. 5, T-19-N, R-105 with easement.

FEB. 2

Trent Witt to Trent Witt, Lot 12, Block 1, Country Club Estates 6th.

William Thomas Davey, Jr. Trustee to Caleb C. Jackson, Lot 24, Block 5, Century West 1st.

G R Rentals 2 LLC to Eric S. Warner, Lot 11, Block 1, Fremont Addition.

Timothy Roberts, Etal to Quentin Gage McKenzie, Lot 13, Amend. Tr. A, Hitching Post Hts.

FEB. 3

Craig Dalling, Etal to Craig Dalling, Etal, Lot 11, Block 8, Glenarms 2nd Addition.

FEB. 4

Diana Bettino to Robert A. Inman, Etux, Lot 81, Northpark Village phase two.

FEB. 5

B.A.B. Investments LLC to BAB Investing Group LLC, Lot 3, Block 16, UPRR 1st RS.

Susan D. Legerski, Trustee to Susan D. Legerski, Lot 4, Block 3, Prairie Addition.

Lonnie D. Kelly, Etal to Lonnie D. Kelly, Lot 13, Block 3, Edgewater Addition.

Finance All LLC to Aaron Heitke, SW4NW4 Sec. 23, T-22-N, R-90-W.

Little Mountain LLC to Susan D. Legerski, Etal, Lot 3, Replat. Tract A, Windriver 2nd Addition.

Wasatch Industries LLC to Katherine R. Reigler, Pt. Lot 4, Block 9, Central Coal & Coke Co 1st.

James P. Wilson, Trustees to James P. Wilson, Etux, A Parcel Sec. 7, T-18-N, R-107-W with exceptions.

FEB. 8

1 Guy & a Goat LLC to Matthew Mikkelsen, Etal, Lots 6-7, Block 9, Kendall Addition.

Jon Jasperson, Etux to Riverfront Management LLC, Tract C, Springland Addition.

Jason W. Shalata to Mollie Vandenberg, Etal, Lot 6 & Pt. Lot 7, Central Coal & Coke Co 1st.

Robert C. Todino, Etux to Samuel Ogden, Etux, Lot 20, White Mountain Country Est. phase three.

Jerry J. Zanetti to Linstun Lee, Pt. Lot 15, Block 2, Central Coal & Coke Co 2nd.

Donald P. Tyler, Etal to Donald P. Tyler, Etal, Lot 43, Northpark Village phase one.

FEB. 9

Amber Lee Bluemel to Amber Bluemel, Lot 10, Block 2, Sunset Addition.

Joseph J. Arambel, Etux to Joseph J. Arambel, Trustees, Lot 6, Oregon Trails Subdivision phase two.

Triple A & W Properties LLC to Diana Bettino, Lot 6, Deer Trail Subdivision.

Triple A & W Properties LLC to Amundsen Construction Inc., Lot 15, Deer Trail Subdivision.

Dustin T. Pavey, Etal to Dustin T. Pavey, Etal, Lot 3, Block 3, James Addition.

Smart Dwellings LLC to David Young, Etux, Lot 38, City’s Edge Subdivision.

Cody Frericks, Etal to Madison Irene Frericks, Etal, Lot 117, Stonebrook Estates phase three.

FEB. 10

Dene L. Martin, Etal to George Buas, Pts. Lots 2-3, Block 33, UPRR 2nd RS.

Allen Bjorklund, Etal to Lance Laughter, Lot 8, E2 Lot 9, Block 4, Original RS.

Nathan R. Clement to Michael R. Gariepy, Lot 6, Block 3, Edgewater Addition.

James M. Stevens, Etux to Lisabeth M. Magee, Etvir, Lot 21, Hillside Heights Addition.

Michael D. Kidd, Etal to Jeremy Rae Loftus, Etux, Lot 28, Rimrock West Addition phase three.

FEB. 11

Rivera Rentals LLC to Dusty R. Gagnone, Etux, Lot 6, The Village.

Terry L. Hansen, Etux to Andres Salvatierra Rodriguez, Etal, Lot 6, Block 12, James 2nd Addition.

FEB. 12

Donna Eusek to Donna Eusek, Trustee, Lot 9, Block 3, Pioneer 4th Addition.

Nathan R. Campos, Etal to Nathan R. Campos, Etux, Lot 7, Amended Shoshone Addition.

Yvonne Makar to Janine L. Tyler, Lot 3, Block Central Coal & Coke Co. 2nd.

Smart Dwellings LLC to Krystal Hossele, Lot 6, Foothills Crossing Sub. phase one.

Christian J. Fennewald to Brandon Gene Pacheco, Etux, Lots 1-2, Block 5, Prospect Hts. with exceptions.

Ann Reinhart to Barton Bullock Ratliff, Etal, Lot 5, Block 2, County Club Estates 11th.

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