Cross Country Equity LLC to Thomas T. Cobb, Lot 8, Block 1, Lynn Addition.

Katherine M. Jetmore to Matthew Davis, Etux, Lot 5, Block 16, Amend. Liberty Addition.


Kristen L. Brough-Rondinelli, Etal to Rebecca H. Burton, Lot 132, Summit View Estates phase three.

Mary Ann Layos, Trustees to Paul Martinez, Lot 2, Delaurante Subdivision.


Swanson Industries Inc. to DSC Investments LC, A Parcel NW4SE4 Sec. 12, T-18-N, R-106-W.


Billy J. Cox to Charles L. Price, Etux, Lot 8, Block 13, Central Coal & Coke Co 2nd.

Andrea Renee Evers to Andrea Renee Evers, Etvir, Pt. Lots 3-4, Block 9, Paxton Webb Addition.

Hanover Land Co. LLC to Stanley Gardner Scott, NW4SE4 Sec. 1, T-21-N, R-90-W.

Basin Land Co. Ltd. to Discount Land USA LLC, NW4SE4 Sec. 5, T-22-N, R-91-W.

Basin Land Co. Ltd. to Discount Land USA LLC, N2SW4 Sec. 21, T-22-N, R-97-W.

Wendy D. Straub to Justin B. Neal, Etux, Lot 9, Block 2, Canyon Terrace Addition.

Joshua C. Groh, Etal to Joshua C. Groh, Etux, Lot 11, Hunter’s Ridge Sub. phase eight.

Benjamin Michael Santhuff to Benjamin M. Santhuff, Etux, Lot 12, Block 1, Country Club Est. 10th.

Dana J. Fernandez, Etal to Andrew Robert Calderone, Etal, Lot 11, Block 2, Bicentennial Addition.

Gregory Blenkinsop to Averi Christensen, Unit 1-E & Garage 1-E, The Bluffs.


Joseph L. Vaughn, Etux to Tyler D. Smith, Lot 45, Riverbend Addition.

Mountain Prime 2018 LLC to Michael Dougan, Etal, Lot 1, Block 3, Country Club Estates 9th.

Carl Brown to Karianne M. Crouse, Lot 3, Block 7, Indian Hills Village 4th.

Stuart C. DaRif, Etux to Stuart C. DaRif, Trustees, Lot 13, Hunter’s Ridge Sub. phase five.

Georgia S. Watson to Seth Van Wagoner, NW4NE4SE4 & NE4NW4SE4, Sec. 11, T-23-N, R-90-W.

Craig L. Wolffing, Etux to Joseph L. Vaughn, Etux, Lot 8, Hillside Heights Addition.

Christine K. Hart to NDTCO, Trustee, Etal, Lot 5, Block 7, Pilot Butte Addition and extension.


Joe Seneshale to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 14, Vineyards Subdivision phase one.

Kelsey Brown to Anthony J. Miller, Etal, Lot 20, Johnson Add. PUD Corrective.

Smith & Smith Rentals I RS LLC to Jeffery W. Tims, Etux, Lot 8, Windriver Addition phase two.

Providence Properties LLC to Lynn R. Jackman, Tract A, Hutton Heights 6th Addition.

Providence Properties LLC to Lynn R. Jackman, Lot 1-2 Block 14, Lot 1 & Pt. Lot 2, Block 13, Hillside Add. & Parcels Sec 35, T-19-N R-105-W.

Timothy M. Kellogg to Proverbs Real Estate LLC, NW4SE4SE4 Sec. 21, T-24-N, R-90-W.

Jacob R. Williams to Jacob R. Williams, Etux, Lot 8, Tract A, Hutton Heights 5th Addition.

MAK Rock Springs LLC to Jackman Rentals LLC, A Parcel SE4SW4 Sec. 35, T-19-N, R-105-W.


Brian Weirich, Etux to Vernon Setser, Jr., Etux, Lot 49, Hitching Post Heights Addition.

Kenneth W. Cudney, Etal to Kenneth Cudney, Etal, Lot 18, Block 4, Laramie Addition.

Charles Edward Faupel, Jr., Etal to Samuel C. Leonard, Lot 77, White Mountain Estates 1st Addition.

John R. Bunning, Etal to Brian K. Mertin, Lot 11, Arrowhead Springs, phase one.


William C. Valdez, Trustee to Charles E. Faupel, Jr., Etal, Lot 10 & Pt. Lot 11, Oregon Trails phase one.

Michael T. Phelan to Kenneth J. Martin, Lot 8, White Mountain Estates 1st.

Andrew H. Jacobs to Andrew H. Jacobs, Lot 6, Upland Addition with exception.

Andrew H. Jacobs to Diane L. Albertini, Etal, Lot 6, Upland Addition with exception.


Carol Lynn Fritzler, Etal to Dylan R. Babel, Lot 10, Block 8, Central Coal & Coke Co 1st.

John D. Leosco to John D. Leosco, Trustee, Lot 74, The Bluffs 2nd.

Russell R. Richardson, Etal to David L. Raiford, Lot 126, Stonebrook Estates phase three.

Jon Jasperson, Etux to Riverfront Management LLC, Tract C, Springland Addition.

Scott M. Francis, Etux to Tyler T. Williams, Lot 15, Block 2 Amend. Hickok with exception.


Jake R. Mannikko, Etux to Derek Bluemel, Etux, Lot 116, Stonebrook Estates phase three.

Duane Crider, Etux to Scott Francis, Etux, Lots 11-14, Block 3, Washington School Addition.

Gary G. Pastor, Trustees to Brandon Hager, Lot 9, Block 9, Prospect Heights Addition.

Jacquelyn D. Finch to Jacquelyn D. Finch, Etvir, Lot 36, Block 9, Hutton Heights 4th Addition.


Rock N Green Remodeling LLC to Kevin S. Batson, Etux, Lot 30, Block 7, Hutton Heights 4th Addition.


Lee Harper Frederick to John Karl Kissner, Etux, Lot 52, Riverbend Addition.

Andres Salvatierra, Etal to Andres Salvatierra, Etal, Lot 6, Block 12, James 2nd Addition.

Jennifer J. Arnold, Etal to Stuart W. Moore, Lot 23, Morningside at RS Phase one.


Reid Marshall Aiton, Trustees to Matthew M. Wells, Lot 69, Clear View Estates & adj. Parcel.


Judy Binzen to FI Properties LLC, SE4 Sec. 1, T-21-N, R-96-W.

NDTCO Trustee, Etal to Jerry Cover, Lot 5, Block 7, Pilot Butte and Adjacent Parcel.

Benjamin Michael Schlosser, Etal to Joseph D. Gallegos, Etux, Lot 24, Block 2, Glenarms 2nd Addition.

Fernando B. Urrutia, Etux to Nathaniel L. Green, Etux, Lot 1, Block 1, Jefferson School Addition.

David R. Ziegler, Etal to Shawn D. Penberthy, Lot 15, Block 1, Imperial Heights (Resub.).

Gerald W. Stout to Andrew H. Jacobs, Farm Unit F-15, with exceptions.

Lauren Kostoff, Etal to Travis Lee Slaugh, Lot 76, Summit View Estates phase two.

Austin A. Stuhmer, Etux to Mark A. Davis, Etux, Pt. Lot 2, Lot 3, Pt. Lot 4, Rio Mesa Addition.


William R. Taliaferro to William R. Taliaferro, Trustee, Lots 9-12, Block 36, UPRR 2nd RS.

Joseph Palinek, Etal to Regan Eslick, Lot 53, Mesa Addition.

Brian Jackson to Tristen C. Maycock, Etal, Lot 45, Northpark Village phase one.

Michael A. Cervantes, Jr. to Olga Webb, Pt. Tract A, UPRR 1919 1st & Block 1, Original GR and an adjacent 10’ strip.


Charles Calvin Kirby, Jr. to Stephanie M. Roberts, A Parcel SW4SW4 Sec 4, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Glynis L. Cederburg, Trustee to Tyler J. French, Lot 6, Block 7, Colony Coal Co Addition.

Mary Lou Li Puma to FI Properties LLC, N2NE4 Sec. 3, T-22-N, R-96-W.

Mary K. Johnson to Kingitoni M. Langi, Etux, Unit 1C & Garage 1C, The Bluffs PUD.

Louis Randazzo, III, Etal to Paul Kollar, Lot 32, Morningside at RS phase one.

Michael E. O’Harrow, Jr., Etux to William L. Neeley, Etux, Lot 13, Deer Ridge Estates Subdivision.


Brian D. Novak, Etal to Crystal L. Dunning, Lot 3, Westridge Estates Sub. phase two.

John Smith, Etal to Terry C. Stuwe, Sr., Lot 4, Block 13, UP Coal Co 4th Addition.

Joel P. Olson, Etal to Jessica A. Dugan, Etal, Lot 14, Block 2, Glenarms Addition.

Lafe A. Lee to Lafe A. Lee, Etux, Lot 11, Hitching Post Heights Addition.

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