July 25

Anthony Bryce Castillon, Etal, to Michael B. Carpenter, Etux, Lot 22, Block 3, Glenarms first.

Donnet Earlene Baughman, to Awesome Homebuyers & Flipz 22 LLC, Lot 5, Block 8, Colony Coal Co. addition.

Miles Searle, Etal, to Miles Searle, Etux, Lot 2, SS Subdivision.

Northpark LLC, to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 54, Northpark Village phase two.

Robert R. Debernardi, Etal, to Travis G. Barnes, Etux, Lot 5, Block 5, Prairie addition.

Ronald Lee Morrison, to Allison M. Kaufman, Pt. Lots 8-9, Block 14, Central Coal & Coke Company’s seciond addition.


Hunter’s Ridge Development Inc., to New Peak Construction Co. LLC, Lot 1, Gino Subdivision.

Brian S. Brown, to Michael Weber, Etux, Lot 19, White Mountain Estates first.

Eric McDaniel, Etal, to Eric R. McDaniel, Etal, Lot 8, Block 5, UP Coal Co. fourth addition.

Jerad J. Austin, Etal, to Michael J. Ollis, Etux, Lot 133, Stonebrook Estates phase three.

Lance R. Laughter, Etal, to Lance R. Laughter, Lot 22, Vineyards Subdivision.

Cory L. Summers, Etal, to Chip Jordan, Etux, Lot 8, Block 8, Country Club Estates second.

Stacy Doak, Etal, to Terry L. Narramore, Etux, Lot 21, The Bluffs Executive Estates.

Diana Bettino, to Ivan R. Taylor, Etux, Lot 74, Northpark Village phase two.

NC Inc., to WOPS Investments LLC, Unit 2, Building B, Commerce Centre revision No. 2.

NC Inc., to WOPS Investments LLC, Unit 1, Building B, Commerce Centre revision No. 2.

Jason R. Atwood, to Heyoka Enterprises LLC, Lot 5, Block 6, Valley View addition.

Sage Partners LLC, to Providence Properties LLC, Tract A, Hutton Heights sixth addition.


Northpark LLC, to Diana Bettino, Lot 80, Northpark Village phase two.

Allan D. Wilson, Etux, to Brianna F. Forrest, Lot 10, Block 40, UPRR first GR.

Janet P. Scott, to Taylor B. Wailes-Putnam, A Parcel SE4SW4 Sec. 15, T-18-N, R-107-W.

Troy L. Romero, Etux, to Troy L. Romero, Lot 71, Century West second.

Haden Construction Inc., to Jarrit Saul, Etux, Lot 8, Deer Trail Subdivision.

Joseph F. Killpack, Etux, to James R. Eason, Etux, Lot 6, Lynn Subdivision and an adjacent 10-foot strip.


Roberta J. Patterson, to Lisa M. Coursey, Lot 7, Castle Heights PUD.

Dirk A. Mullins, to Blake R. Gunter, Etal, Lot 6, Block 3, Amend. Hickok addition.

Irene C. Parsons, to Terry R. Zumbrennen, Trustees, Lot 17, City’s Edge Subdivision.

Rodney J. Mines, Trustee, to James Rodney Mines, Etux, Pts. Sec 23, 26-27, 34-35 T-26-N, R-106-W AKA Pts. Farm Units W-1 & W-2.

John F. McDonald, Etux, to Donald C. Kauppi, Trustees, Lot 18, Block 3, Prairie addition.

Robert Chandler, Trustees, to Robert Chandler, Etux, Lot 5, Umbria Addition phase one.

Raymond J. Farr, Etal, to Angela Adams, Lot 8, Block 3, Prairie addition.

New Peak Land Development LLC, to New Peak Construction Company LLC, Lot 14, Lynn Subdivision.


Tommy E. Fossen, Trustees, to John A. Case III, Lot 104, Cedar Springs Sub. phase one.

Basin Land Co. Ltd., to Diane Barr, Etal, SW4SW4 Sec. 17, T-21-N, R-96-W.

Basin Land Co. Ltd., to Christopher Kunkler, Etal, S2NW4 Sec. 7, T-21-N, R-96-W.

Basin Land Co. Ltd., to Fritz S. Fouts, Etal, E2SE4 Sec. 27, T-22-N, R-91-W.

Mikel K. Hoops, to Duston L. Hightower, Etux, Lot 12, Block 4, Laramie addition.

Timothy J. Woodward, Trustees, to Blue Ocean Partners LLC, SE4SE4 Sec. 7, T-22-N, R-96-W.

Pamela Islas, Etal, to Justin M. Antonsen, Lot 75, Summit View Estates phase two.

Rory M. Crofts, Etal, to Irving Gutierrez-Mendoza, Lot 19, Stonebrook Estates phase one.

James Q. Fornengo, Etux, to Leon M. Wolfwalker Oakes, Etux, Lot 72, Westridge Estates phase one.

Mark S. Gregory, to FI Properties LLC, NW4 Sec. 9, T-22-N, R-91-W.

AUG. 1

Housing & Urban Development, to Bank of America, Lot 1, Block 4, Clark addition.

Double J Properties Inc., to Treadway Investment Co. LLC, Lot 11, P.M.L. Industrial Park.

Melinda A. Reddon, Etal, to Brandi Chatterley, Etal, Lot 6, Block 5, James addition.

Kathy Edwards, to Gonzalo Magana-Ruiz, Lot 4, Block 11, Hutton Heights fourth addition.

Christopher Daniel Finstad, to Trevor Benboe, Lot 25, Block 2, Kingsborough addition.

Trevor C. Benboe, Etal, to Bert M. Beech, Etux, Lot 12, Dry Creek Subdivision phase two.

Bert M. Beech, Etal, to Lance James, 2 Parcels NE4 Sec. 27, T-19-N, R-105-W and Tract A, Commanche Hills phase four.

FAT Wyoming LLC, to Tynsky Law Office P.C., Lots 9-10, Block 9, Original GR.

AUG. 2

Nathan D. Carroll, Etal, to Brandon McAfee, Etux, Lot 9, Cimarron addition.

Crider Rentals LLC, to Jonathan J. Smith, Pt. Lots 1-2, Block 2, Original GR and A Portion Lots 1-2, Block 5, Gardner addition

James J. Christensen, to Michael Forrester, Etal, Lot 17, Tr. C, Amend. Hickok addition.

Edgar H. Pechin Jr., Etal, to James J. Christensen, Lot 2, Dry Creek Subdivision phase four.

Alton B. Hennings, Etux, to Lucky C. Hennings, Etux, West 1/2 Lot 1, Block 8, Central Coal & Coke Co. first addition.

James Michael Kave, Etal, to Blue Ocean Partners LLC, NE4SW4 Sec. 17, T-22-N, R-91-W.

Robert Chandler, Etux, to Dirk Jacobsen, Etux, Lot 5, Umbria Addition phase one.

Brook A. Smith, Etux, to Jacob B. Lee, Etux, Lot 22, Gunsight Estates phase one.

AUG. 5

Kathryn Kay Schwartz, Etal, to Viki S. Cowan, Lot 19, Mesa addition.

Taylor Covalt, Etux, to Noel Florencio, Etux, Lot 10, Mountain Shadows Sub. phase one.

Miritt Comforti, Trustee, to Roger Ingabrand, Etux, Lot 154, Stonebrook Estates phase two.

AUG. 6

Chelsey Reyes, Etal, to Chelsey Reyes, Lot 28, Village Park Resub. PUD & Garage Lot 7.

AUG. 7

Kelley Brown, Etal, to William B. Headstream, Etux, Lot 13, Block 5, Colony Coal Co. addition.

Kourtney A. Kalista, Etal, to Taylor Covalt, Etal, Lot 139, Stonebrook Estates phase three.

Janice M. Varley, to Robert J. Guhl, Lot 9, Westridge Estates phase three.

David A. Stauffer, Etal, to Joshua A. Morrill, Etux, Lot 6, Fairway Estates Sub. phase one.

Michael J. Trefethen, Etal, to Destiny S. Bullock, Lot 135, Summit View Estates phase three.

John Oswald, Etal, to Colton Foote, Etal, Pt. Lot 7 & Lot 9, Rio Vista third.

AUG. 8

Darwin E. Alarcon, to Jose J. Frias Torres, Lot 59, The Village Subdivision.

Coyote Springs Land Co. LLC, to SMV Corp., NE4 Sec. 11, T-22-N, R-90-W.

Coyote Springs Land Co. LLC, to SMV Corp., NE4 Sec. 3, T-21-N, R-90- W.

Coyote Springs Land Co. LLC, to SMV Corp., NW4 Sec. 3, T-21-N, R-90-W.

Richard S. Kresge, Etux, to Isaac Chavez, Etal, Lot 4, Block 3, County Club Estates 10th.

AUG. 9

John K. Matekovic, to Carolyn A. Brown, Etal, Lot 59, Summit View Estates phase two.

Krystine S. Harris, to Joshua Monhollen, Lot 45, Summit View East phase one.

Kenneth L. Morgan, Trustees, to Villas Homeowners Association Inc., Country Club Villas.

Daniel C. Johnson, Etux, to Kiersten N. Phillips, Lot 55, Windriver addition phase three.

Richard L. Cox, Etal, to Matthew Backstrom, Etux, Lot 36, White Mountain Estates first.

Richard D. Franich Jr., Etal, to Susan Magee, Lot 9, Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision phase six.

Ruben S. Ramirez-Vega, Etal, to Daniel Rutherford, Etux, S. 58’ Lot 2, N 2’ Lot 3, Block 4 , Pioneer third.

Property Pro LLC, to Fred U. Crnich, Etux, Lot 2, Block 20, Lowell addition.

AUG. 12

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., to Housing & Urban Development, Lot 8, Block 4, Hillside addition.

Finance All LLC, to James A. Taylor, SE4NE4 Sec. 1, T-22-N, R-91-W.

William R. Tanner, Etal, to Saeed Danaei, Etux, Lot 23, Est. at Whispering Pines phase one.

Saeed Danaei, Etal, to Kyle Bachmann, Etal, Lot 31, Estates at the Wind Rivers.

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