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We all have them — people in our lives who support us, the company we work for, the service group we belong to and our community as a whole in small, but vital, ways.

We call them “Unsung Heroes,” and think it’s time to change that by singing their praises through feature stories this holiday season.

To do that, we need your help.

To nominate someone in your life who you consider an “Unsung Hero,” please send an email to gjohnson@laramieboomerang.com with the subject line “Unsung Heroes” and include the nominee’s name, phone number and a few lines about why you think s/he deserves recognition. (We’d love to have your name and phone number, too, so we can interview you about why you suggested them, but we will accept anonymous nominations.)

To give us time to write these stories and have them ready for publication right after Christmas and into the New Year, we need you to send in your nominations by Friday, Dec. 10 (but the sooner, the better).

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to write full stories about everyone who is nominated, but we’ll be sure to let them know they’re appreciated. Thanks in advance for helping us recognize the “Unsung Heroes” in our community!

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