Hemp farmer

Hemp, the unfairly maligned relative of marijuana is one of the most useful plants on earth, and can be used to make fuel, paper, clothing and rope. It does not contain more than 0.3 percent THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana). This photo shows an historic hemp farm in Kentucky.

Farmers react to hemp bill (4.3.17)

The WY Department of Agriculture doesn't need to purchase the equipment and duplicate what other States like CO have already done. WY should contact CSU and the CO Depart of Ag for the research info. Also, very important to grow only the short varieties of industrial hemp for oil seed. The money is in oil seed crops, not the fiber plus no one wants to harvest the tall varieties of hemp. Too hard on the combines!

Heath Van Eaton, CEO, WyoComp

Editor’s note: WyoComp is a leader in biocomposites and biomass R&D.

Sheridan department store reborn (3.28.17)

Carrie, I enjoyed your article can you tell me what the price and size of downtown loft condos were and weather covered parking was included. I am working on a similar project in Cheyenne

Chuck West, CCIM, esq.


Just passed [this note] along to Greg VonKrosigk, the Montgomery developer. In fact he had told me he hoped the article would inspire other revivals around Wyoming, so I'm happy to see this comment. 

Carrie Haderlie


Hi Chuck.  You can see more about this project at www.themontgomery.org. I think we still have the floorplans and maybe a price sheet on that site.   We redeveloped 13 condos in that building – the top two floors included 4 residences per floor. We sold just the shell – we provided all new mechanicals stubbed to the unit and let the buyers finish the interiors on their own, so the prices reflect that level of semi-finished. On each residential floor, we had a 3/2 unit, two 2/2 units and a 1+den/1.5 unit.  We sold those 8 units within 5 weeks of putting on the market.  What else can I answer for you?  What building are you doing in Cheyenne – I don’t know your downtown that well but my wife’s cousin is John Voight who used to own a few of those cool downtown buildings so toured a few of them.

 Greg A. Von Krosigk

Attorney at Law



UW spider silk tech root of new commercial production facility (3.27.17)

Really nice article on KBLB the other day. I remember you writing about this company a couple years back. It seems like things are moving along right now.  As you probably know, the Army Contract could be a game changer as well.  If they get this right, they could change the textile industry in a big way.  Will you be doing more stories on them as they progress?  Thanks again! 

Greg Linnelli

Radio Network Host 

Tampa Bay Lightning

Twitter: @GregLinnelli

Phone: 412-860-4794

Hi Greg - 

Yes, we will continue to follow this company’s progress, given the technology’s start at UW - and the fact that it’s just plain fascinating!

MJ Clark, Editor

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