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MJ Clark, Wyoming Business Report Executive Editor

I just saw “Black Panther” – waiting until the blockbuster movie came to my little town in the middle of Wyoming. I saw “Wonder Woman” last summer, and I have to say that, in terms of the way women were depicted in the movie, I liked Black Panther better

For those three people in Wyoming who have not yet seen Black Panther – this is a spoiler alert. In Black Panther, the title character is surrounded by a group of strong female characters, all of whom have important work to do, who have very strong opinions and freely speak their minds. In Wonder Woman, once you leave the island of Amazons, you pretty much just had Wonder Woman. The only other female character was mostly there for comic relief.

In my life, I prefer having a lot of strong women speaking their minds freely. That’s one of the reasons why I love Wyoming. Most of the women here are very good at speaking up.

This month’s Business Solution column plays into that idea. It reviews the book “That’s What She Said. What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together.” The book comes at a good time, because even when women speak up – their message may not be received in the way they want. As the women in Wakanda can tell you, men are not the enemy. But the style that men and women bring to the workplace are very different, and understanding the differences will go a long way towards creating equality everywhere.

It is because true equality is still elusive – even in the Equality State – that we need to have things like Women’s History Month or our upcoming Wyoming Women of Influence Awards. It’s a way of balancing things today, an intermediate step towards the day when we can celebrate simply “History Month” or “Wyoming People of Influence.”

We at the Wyoming Business Report are opening up nominations for our sixth annual Women of Influence in March because we want to give everyone ample time to nominate the women in their lives who have made a difference. Nominate here.

The contest is NOT just open to women, since last year we have had a “Best Mentor” category for the person (male or femaile) who has done the most to encourage, guide and promote women in business.

We also have a category for Best Company for Women – which seeks to honor those companies who treat women on their staffs well, not only by supporting, training and promoting them but also by adapting flexible schedules that allow their workers (again, not just the women) the time to take care of family matters, whether it’s a new addition or ailing elder.

We’ve worked to make the nomination process short and sweet. You will need to provide the person’s name and contact information, as well as your own, and answer a few questions about why that person deserves the honor you are nominating them for.

The nominations will be sent to our pool of amazing past honorees, who will vote for their choice for this year’s honoree in their category (as well as for Mentor and Company). The Wyoming Business Report staff will tally the results and determine the final honorees.

This August, we will again team up with Connect to Women to present “Unite” two days of seminars and networking for women in business, with the Women of Influence awards luncheon as the event finale. We hope everyone in Wyoming will not only nominate their favorite Women of Influence now, but will also join us at the event this summer.  I hope to see you there!


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