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A Falcon Car Company proposed plant rendering. Courtesy

An electric car manufacturer has announced plans to build its final-assembly facility at the Sheridan County Airport Business Park in northeastern Wyoming.

“The Business Park provides Falcon with direct access to Denver International Airport, which is essential for business travel. The factory is ideally located minutes from I-90, rail services and has aviation access,” the company said in a press release.

Falcon Car Corporation, which is owned by DynamiX Energy Corporation, will lease land from the airport and will build its own facility on site. Development of the primary site is scheduled to be completed by 2025, and the company says it will employ 260 workers.

“Wyoming is a great state for business, as demonstrated by Sheridan’s recent industrial growth, and its Made-in-the-USA initiative,” the company said.

Falcon Car Corporation plans to produce 25-passenger electric buses for municipal and commercial applications, as well a Falcon 9X full-size pickup truck. Falcon has a license to produce 2,999 vehicles for each model year, 2023 and 2024, with additional production capacity increasing to 30,000 units by 2026.

Sheridan County Airport Manager John Stopka said the business park was built in 2004, and has since seen many successful businesses grow out of the space.

“Over the years, we’ve had successes,” Stopka said. “Kennon Products has been here for 20 years. They started at the airport and evolved from there. They are now building a new facility north of town.”

Total acreage leased by Falcon Car Corporation and DynamiX amounts to about 10 acres, and another affiliated company called Skylar Aviation is leasing a 10,000-foot facility on site.

“We are open for any type of clean, in-the-building manufacturing,” Stopka said. “We always have been, since 2004, when that business park was built. It was built for economic development for Sheridan County and the community of Sheridan.”

The Falcon Car expansion, if carried out as planned, will add to other light manufacturing growth happening in the northeastern portion of the state. Firearms manufacturer Weatherby, Inc., celebrated a groundbreaking in Sheridan in 2018 and now employs at least 70 people.

“If it all comes to fruition, it is going to fit in,” Stopka said. “It is a prime opportunity for 200, 250 jobs and light manufacturing production.”

Repeated calls to the Falcon Car Corporation by the Wyoming Business Report for more details were not returned. Stopka said the company is being cautious about sharing proprietary details as of yet. According to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, Falcon Car Corporation initially filed for a profit corporation status on Feb. 2, 2021.

As the state looks to diversify its economy and attract industry, places like Sheridan have emphasized their viability.

“We have I-90 that runs through Sheridan, and there is also rail service through town. That is critical for economic development, whether it is at the airport or north of town in another business park,” Stopka said. “To be able to move commerce back and forth, to be able to get supplies, is critical.

“Air service is also critical for economic development,” he said. “If it isn’t the first question, it is the second question anyone relocating into Sheridan asks: What kind of air service do you have? It is very important to get back and forth to do business.”

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