TORRINGTON (WNE) — The National Corn Growers Association based out of Chesterfield, Mo., recently announced the winners of the annual National Corn Yield Contest. One of those winners was Rick Cook of Lingle.

Despite 2020 and its multitude of obstacles, Cook finished first place in Wyoming in the H Class of the competition. Class H, according to the National Corn Growers Association, involves farming using the following methods of cultivation and irrigation: strip-till, minimum-till, mulch till or ridge-till irrigation.

He won the contest with a Goshen County field initiated with Pioneer P0339Q seeds and resulting in a yield of 211.849 bushels per acre of corn, beating out the projected national average by approximately 37 bushels per acre.

Rick pointed out how some farmers spend three or four days plowing up their entire field when he could have tilled, using the strip till method, in four hours.

“The amount of fuel you save is tremendous, but a lot of the old-time farmers don’t do that stuff,” he said. “They call it trash farming because the field isn’t nice and clean.”

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