IVERTON (WNE) — Former Wyoming Catholic College chief financial officer Paul McCown of Lander has been ordered by a federal judge not to make any financial transactions other than routine purchases and exchanges.

McCown is accused in a federal suit filed in June of acquiring a $15 million loan under false pretenses, then distributing most of the money to several recipients.

The plaintiff in the case, investment services firm RIA R Squared, filed suit against McCown on June 22, alleging that McCown pretended he was worth more than $750 million in order to reap a $15 million loan from the company.

The complaint states the fraud was achieved by McCown through forgery of bank statements pertaining to his account, and by his own impersonation of Wyoming Community Bank vice president Kendall Hayford, whom RIA R Squared attempted to contact to confirm McCown’s standing.

On June 23, RIA R Squared filed a request for a preliminary injunction against McCown, which would forbid the Lander man from making unusual transfers of his funds –– or “dissipating, disposing of, liquidating, disseminating, and/or transferring, directly or indirectly, any of (his) personal assets or any assets of entities they own or control, other than in the ordinary course of business or personal affairs.”

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