LARAMIE (WNE) — The Albany County Board of Commissioners decided Tuesday morning that an application from ConnectGen for the Rail Tie Wind Project is complete, kicking off a comment and review period that includes a public hearing June 1.

As required by county regulations, wind energy conversion system project permit applications must include a project summary; names and contact information for the applicant, owners and property owners; a site plan; a series of studies, reports, certifications and approvals; and letters of consent from property owners.

Planning director David Gertsch said the county’s planning staff reviewed the application and found it substantially complete. He had already requested additional information from ConnectGen for the site plan and noted that one property owner is still negotiating a lease agreement and thus said they “do not oppose” the application rather than giving consent at this point.

Commissioners Heber Richardson and Sue Ibarra voted in favor of deeming the application complete, while Commissioner Pete Gosar voted against.

Gosar said that because of the number of people substantially invested in support of and in opposition to the project, he didn’t want to deem the application complete without all letters of consent in hand.

“If there’s one outstanding, that’s enough for me to vote no, quite honestly,” he said. “I want the wording to be correct.”

Gertsch described the process of deeming the application complete as a “starting point.” The process now moves into the review phase, during which the planning department will consider the substance of the application and whether it meets county regulations.

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