RIVERTON (WNE) — Central Wyoming College will offer two additional four-year degrees beginning this fall: one in early childhood education, and another in outdoor leadership.

Administrators say enrollment in the early childhood degree, which was created at the request of local educators, already has exceeded expectations.

“I believe we wanted 10 students in year one,” Kathy Wells, CWC’s vice president for academic affairs, told the CWC board of trustees this month.

“However,” she added, “students have only been able to register for this degree for two weeks, (and) I believe we already have nine students enrolled – and we haven’t even started marketing anything yet. … so we’re absolutely going to overshoot that target.”

Graduates of the early childhood program – the only one offered in the state, according to Wells – will be eligible for work in the K-3 system nationwide as well as in Wyoming and Fremont County, where Wells said local educators have “stated repeatedly the overwhelming need they have for individuals who are educated in this particular area.”

“There are two positions open right now in Fremont County (that) require this very degree, or experience in this area,” Wells told the board. “That just reinforces the demand that this particular degree will have.”

Graduates who later decide to pursue teaching positions at higher grade levels can complete additional credits to become certified in those areas, Wells added.

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