THERMOPOLIS (WNE) — During their Tuesday meeting, the Hot Springs County Commissioners voted to adopt a resolution making the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Sheriff Jerimie Kraushaar presented the resolution to the commissioners and said, “on an average week I probably have five to ten people ask me if we are coming for their guns.”

He said his reply to them is he would never do that, and they have the Second Amendment and the Wyoming Constitution to support them.

Kraushaar added that his busiest week with this question happened just after the Boulder, Colorado shooting where up to 25 people came to him and again asked if the county will come to take away their guns.

He said, “They were legitimately scared.”

He said he and Thermopolis Police Chief Julie Mathews wanted to do something about it. They were going to make a joint statement but decided to go the route of a county resolution instead.

Hence, Kraushaar used the same language from a Fremont County resolution to present to the commissioners.

“I just think it’s a little ridiculous for us to be signing a resolution as a feel-good piece. I think there are probably better more effective ways in communicating, but I agree with that [the resolution] 110%,” commissioner Phillip Scheel said during the presentation.

“The only one having teeth in signing it is you,” said commissioner Jack Baird, referring to Sheriff Kraushaar.

“I will make it very clear that if the feds were to come to Hot Springs County to take your guns, we would expel them,” said Kraushaar. “We had the issue before with the BLM. They backed off once they started. So, hopefully, it never comes to that.”

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