WORLAND (WNE) — The Washakie County Commissioners passed Resolution 2021-368 during their regularly scheduled meeting June 1.

The resolution commits the county to protecting the rights and liberties of the Second Amendment for Washakie County residents.

The declaration from the resolution reads as follows: “Now, therefore, be it resolved that Washakie County Board of Commissioners strongly support the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and Article 1, Section 24 of the Constitution of the State of Wyoming and that the Board strongly believe that it is an inalienable right of the citizens of Washakie County to keep and bear arms for the defense of life liberty; and now further, be it resolved to defend the rights and liberties of the citizens of Washakie County, the Washakie County Board of Commissioners hereby declares Washakie County, Wyoming a “Second Amendment County.”

Chairman Commissioner Fred Frandson said that this decision has been worked on for approximately three to four weeks after he was approached with a petition to support Second Amendment rights in Wyoming.

“As Washakie County Commissioners we wanted to declare our commitment to the Wyoming State Constitution and the United States Constitution,” Frandson said.

Frandson, along with Washakie County Sheriff Steve Rakness, expressed concerns going around the county and country due to proposed regulations by the Biden administration.

“I think that the current federal government is beginning to overstep its bounds and the people need to stand up and be heard about that stuff,” Rakness said.

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