Biden greenlights Alaska drilling project and extends new protections to the state's North Slope

On Monday, the Biden administration approved the controversial Willow oil project. The oil development, located on the North Slope of Alaska, has

won support

from local leaders and some tribes for the economic boost it could provide but has been criticized by environmentalists and other Alaska Native groups who are concerned about the scale of greenhouse gas emissions and impacts on local wildlife.

CASPER — President Joe Biden’s approval of an $8 billion oil project in Alaska reflects a shift away from his campaign promises to stop drilling on federal lands. But it aligns more closely with the actions his administration has taken over the last two years — and probably won’t lead to any major regulatory changes in Wyoming.

The decision to let the Willow Project move forward has been criticized heavily by environmental groups for allowing the extraction of hundreds of millions of barrels of oil, and the associated carbon emissions, over the coming decades.

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