RAWLINS — Daylight Donuts in Rawlins has opened under new ownership, and has a menu full of unique items from sweets to full meals.

“We have donuts, we have Yellowstone ice cream, we have hot dogs and we have breakfast items,” said Darlene Shockley, who opened the location at 606 E. Cedar Street in mid-June with her husband Virgil.

The Shockleys, who are from Hanna, knew the previous owner, who currently runs the Daylight Donuts store in Riverton. Shockley approached him to ask about reopening the store, which eventually led the Shockleys to become the new owners of the Cedar Street restaurant.

“We got very excited, and this has been a blessing in disguise. We were not even thinking about opening a business, and this just sort of fell into place,” Shockley said.

“So we went to donut school,” she said and laughed, explaining that both she and her husband trained with the baker in Riverton.

“Our donuts are gigantor, they are huge. They’re big,” she said. “We have a donut named ‘the Big Wyoming,’ and it’s double regular size. It comes in chocolate, maple or glaze.”

The Shockleys also offer what they call “raspberry roses,” or a donut with raspberry baked inside the dough, along with Bavarian cream filled donuts with chocolate, and donuts glazed with lemon, strawberry, black raspberry and regular raspberry filling. They also have a variety of small donuts with sprinkles and frosting, and some days the shop expands on a theme.

“On a particular day, it might be ‘blueberry day,’ with an actual blueberry donut, or chocolate donut day,” Shockley said.

She also serves espresso, iced coffee, mochas and hot coffee, and breakfast items include biscuits and gravy and French toast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. At lunch, she sells custom hot dogs.

“We have nacho dog green, nacho dog red, a regular dog and a Wyoming dog. The green has nacho cheese, green chili, shredded cheese and green onion. The red has the same but red chili, and the Wyoming dog has mustard and sauerkraut,” she said.

“We have been busy since we opened. The locals and tourists have been supporting us very well,” Shockley said.

Current hours are daily from 3 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.

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