Turning heads everywhere he goes, Gino Lucci’s highway hybrid is hardly a bird, barely a plane and definitely not a super van.

This week, his motorized Franken-contraption, aka the “Fabulous Flamingo,” was turning heads around Laramie as Lucci, his wife Laura and their Aussie shepherd Scooter made a pit stop in the Gem City. His homemade RV has the body of an abandoned World War II Boeing DC-3 troop carrier on the chassis of an International Harvester 4000 delivery truck.

Laramie resident Patrick Sheehy spotted the Flamingo at Goodwill Industries, one of several stops the unique — and street-legal — RV made in town. Later on the road, Sheehy caught up with Lucci again at Wyoming’s last rest stop eastbound on Interstate 80.

Lucci said he built the Flamingo with son Giacinto, 21, and that he draws attention everywhere. His creation also is generating a growing stack of press credits, including national publications Stars & Stripes and Popular Mechanics.

An Air Force veteran, Lucci told Popular Mechanics that it took a year to build the thing at his home in Michigan.

“Lucci’s RV incorporates as many parts of the original plane as possible,” reports Kyle Mizokami in the magazine. “He bolted the front fuselage of the plane to a delivery truck frame. The air stairs, which unfold from the right side of the fuselage, are the only way in and out of the vehicle. The original plane intercom still works. And he turned the engine cowlings into wheel guards.”

Inside, it has 300 square feet of living space with all the comforts of home, even a bathtub.

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