BOISE, Idaho – Maybe the most interesting thing he said came when the cameras and microphones had been turned off. Boise State true freshman quarterback Hank Bachmeier revealed that his favorite milkshake is the “Quarterback Crunch” at Baskin-Robbins.

Of course it is.

Bachmeier made his much-anticipated media debut Tuesday, speaking with a large group of reporters for the first time since he arrived on campus in January. Players are typically off limits during their first year with the program, but Bachmeier’s status as the starting quarterback finally pushed coach Bryan Harsin to allow him to do a group interview this week.

“He kept his pads on,” one veteran media member joked before the start of the interview. “He’s heard we’re pretty rough.”

Bachmeier said all the right things during his roughly 15-minute chat with reporters, showing off a sense of humor while also keeping most of his answers fairly short and to the point. He was asked about his decision to pick Boise State, what it was like making his first start at Florida State and the crazy names of his younger brothers: Bear, Tiger and Buck.

But the first words out of his mouth came in response to a question about what the past few months have been like, earning the starting quarterback spot and posting a 7-0 record as the starter just months removed from high school.

“It’s been pretty incredible,” Bachmeier said. “It’s been a great honor.”

Bachmeier said getting live reps in games has been the biggest catalyst for his development as he works to make improvements each week. He came off as a team player, often deferring questions about his personal strengths or goals to the success of the team.

“I’m just trying to do whatever I can for the team,” Bachmeier said. “I know those guys do everything they can to help us win the game, so I’m going to do my best for them.”

Asked about teammates calling him “weird,” Bachmeier chuckled and said, “I hope they said some nice things.” Coaches and players have described Bachmeier as having a different personality than former starter Brett Rypien. He has a serious, business-like approach when needed, but also will crack jokes here and there and make sure to keep things fun.

“I just like to bring passion and play for fun, that’s the biggest thing,” Bachmeier said. “I look back to the days when I was playing Pop Warner, and I think that’s the biggest thing that translates. If you have fun every day, it’s going to translate to all the other guys. I just bring that energy every day.”

Bachmeier hasn’t posted to his Twitter account in more than a year, but his biography at the top of the page says simply that he’s a “milkshake connoisseur.” That prompted the question about his favorite milkshake in Boise, and his response about the Quarterback Crunch.

For those curious, the Baskin-Robbins description of the Quarterback Crunch is “A tasty touchdown. Vanilla flavored ice cream mixes with chocolate-covered rice crunchies and a rich caramel ribbon, good for the extra point.”

In seven games, Bachmeier has passed for 1,760 yards and nine touchdowns. He’s also taken several hard hits, many while refusing to slide or give himself up while scrambling for extra yards. He had an 18-yard run on third-and-long last week against San Jose State and was hit as he pushed forward to get the first down. He temporarily had to leave the game, but returned a few minutes later.

Bachmeier reported his dad is doing much better after he underwent brain surgery during fall camp. He didn’t get into much detail, but said “it was a scary situation, but he’s doing well now.”

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