CHEYENNE – The terrain of the Little America Golf Course posed somewhat of a challenge for the cross-country competitors at the University of Wyoming Invite on Friday.

However, it didn’t alter Jacob Frentheway’s performance as he secured a third-place finish in a time of 16 minutes, 52 seconds to lead the Cheyenne Central boys team to a victory with a score of 38 points and three top-five finishers. There were 14 teams from Wyoming and Northern Colorado competing.

“It was a little more hilly than I expected, but it’s not like we’ve never ran on hilly courses before,” Frentheway said. “We always do hill work, no matter what the course is.”

Jason Frentheway finished behind Jacob for fourth at 16:58. And Tristan Knueppel rounded out the top five, clocking in at 17:05 for the Indians.

The three were nearly alongside each other for most of the race, but eventually branched off toward the end, looking to catch Tyler Ball of Lyons High, who finished second. Mountain View’s Jackson Shorten led the entire race and won by 58 seconds.

“He had a surge a little bit, and so I went with him and Jason did, too, and that’s when we were able to break off (from the group) a little bit,” Jacob said.

Sydney Morrell and Kaya Pillivant lifted the Central girls to a second-place finish. Morrell placed seventh after crossing the finish line in 19:56, and Pillivant was eighth at 20:04.

Morrell used a late push down the final stretch to jump a couple of places and separate herself from others near her.

“Maybe this isn’t the best strategy, but I feel like I hold in just a little too much, and by the time it’s the last mile-ish, I’m able to push it a little bit harder than some of the others because I’ve held back a little bit more,” Morrell said.

Mikaila Trujillo was the top finisher for either Cheyenne East team after a time of 21:06 for 17th place.

Trujillo entered the race with higher expectations from last week, but admitted she may have overthought things a little bit.

“Obviously, it’s a different course than last week – that was on pavement – so it was going to be a little slower, but I didn’t do as well as I hoped,” she said. “I was a little sore, and I guess it’s mental – if I tell myself I’m sore, I’m going to be sore.”

Laramie sophomore Dominic Eberle placed ninth, pacing a Plainsmen team that finished third overall with a score of 108.

Eberle countered the tough portions of the race by taking advantage of the easier sections to clock in at 17:17.

“The hills were a lot longer than I expected, especially the second lap – it really killed me,” he said. “But it was a good race. The downhill stuff definitely helped.”

Laramie prepared a little differently, sophomore Addison Forry said. Forry was 12th with a time of 20:21 for the Lady Plainsmen.

“We did some temper runs in the mountains just to get our legs under us,” Forry said. “We didn’t really know how this race was going to go.”

Forry hung around with the front of the group for most of the race, but fell behind a couple of spots near the finish.

“This week, I was more prepared. Coming into this race, I knew where I needed to be, who I needed to hang with,” she said. “I wanted to just hang with the first pack, and finish in the top 10, but I got sprinted out at the end.”

Robert Munoz is a writer for WyoSports. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @rmunoz307.

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