Snow report

Arctic air is here, but at least the wind will finally ease. The coldest temperatures are expected late in the week, although the extent of this polar vortex moving to the south is still a question mark. The Continental Divide tends to block the cold air movement, preventing it from getting to the west side of the Divide. Cold air is heavy and has difficulty getting over the high elevation mountains. Still, by Saturday, this polar vortex is expected to break through, giving us highs for the day in the single digits.

As for snow, there could be flurries in the mountains the next couple days, with the chance for more of a storm Friday. On Saturday, the arctic front meets pacific moisture, and the result could be some decent snowfall. Just where that might happen is still sketchy. This cold settles in, rather than quickly moving out, so Presidents Day will remain quite nippy, with temperatures running 10 to 25 degrees below normal. The warm-up arrives slowly, so keep the long johns ready and bundle up when heading out over the next week or so.

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