Snow report

The New Year kicked off with a very wintery start. Snow fell, fog descended, wind kicked up and roads closed. There is a certain segment of winter-loving folk who respond to such conditions with a “Bring it on!” retort. Others may not be quite as enthusiastic. The latter might prefer this brief lull that arrives for a couple days. Today and Thursday look to be good ones to get out and enjoy all that snow without having to brave such nasty conditions. The break is brief with more fresh snow expected off and on into the weekend. None of the waves bring a lot of snow, but temperatures could be chilly and conditions could be breezy. This first part of 2023 looks to be an excellent one for skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and anyone who enjoys winter.

Skiers and riders at the Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area enjoyed plenty of new snow to welcome the New Year. Sufficient snow fell to allow opening all the runs at the ski area as they make it to 100% opening. Only flurries are expected on into the weekend, providing plenty of opportunity to enjoy all that snow with occasional blue skies.

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